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Rick Echevarría for City Council

Rick Echevarría is a candidate to represent District 37 in the New York City Council

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District 37 includes portions of the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Bushwick, Crown Heights, Cypress Hills, and East New York neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

A candidate for housing justice !

“I’m a homegrown fighter.”

I am running to represent District 37 in the New York City Council because our city — and our district — are in the midst of a severe housing crisis. The New York City Housing Authority (“NYCHA”), the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD”), and the New York City Department of Homeless Services (“DHS”) are all failing us.

We are presently in the middle of a massive administrative housing crisis. Our housing programs and agencies are plagued by mismanagement, negligence, incompetence, and even corruption. It is imperative that we act now to change this.

I am a housing reform candidate. I have seen first-hand how the city’s housing agencies are failing.

Join us in our effort to stop the failure — and to change our future — for the better !

In solidarity,
Rick Echevarría

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Help us build a social movement against gentrification, discrimination, and austerity — that I’m calling, Equa la gente — or “Equal People.” Equa la Gente stands for fighting for a comprehensive public policy agenda to achieve racial and economic justice.

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Rick Echevarria For City Council, District 37

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Walk the walk

“Today, I stand here to say that Rick Echevarria is a great candidate to serve on the City Council. He was the only person that walked up to me and the other tenants in my building to inform us of the mortgage scam that our landlord was involved in and that we needed to organize to protect ourselves from the gentrification that was coming. I walked the walk with Rick and we knocked on doors to get signatures for 16 buildings full of working families for us to get the chance to convert to resident-controlled housing—and we won! Today, we are Bushwick’s first Community Land Trust: 90 families and over 100 apartments. Rick is exactly the kind of leader that our community needs right now because the battle continues, especially with housing issues for everyone.” — Michael Figueroa, Bushwick Community Land Trust

Opening doors

“I had a predatory mortgage loan one of those subprime loans. The bank wanted to foreclose on me. I tremendously appreciate it, just when I thought I hit rock bottom CHANGER helped me. They were organizing homeowners in East NY and Cypress Hills who had loans just like mine. They helped me a lot in opening doors that I did not see when I was going against the banks alone. The bank was doing Predatory Lending! I learned a lot from CHANGER. I do miss Lionel, the Executive Director, CHANGER was a big help from the first moment and I was the first client in which I was kind of proud that I was the first one. Rick is a brilliant person when he’s out to help you he’s 100% in it so Rick you got my vote. Rick was the Associate Director of CHANGER when this all happened to me—and I finally got my mortgage modified. Hey, listen God gave me this home and there’s no way no one’s going to take this house away from me unless I give it up, amen! But, Rick and CHANGER showed me how to fight back!” — Millie Munoz, East New York Homeowner

A man of his word

“I have known Rick Echevarría for many years, and I can personally attest to his willingness to fight for equality and fairness. Rick was there for me when I was having problems with my landlord. He informed me of my rights as a tenant and even went with me to court. Rick supported and provided guidance every step of the way. I have the utmost respect and admiration for his unstoppable commitment to assisting those in need, especially in the Bushwick community. I believe he is a man of his word, honest, and fair. He has always proven to be a reliable and passionate leader. I strongly believe it is in the best interest of my community to have Rick representing us as a city council.” — Noelia Calero-Cajina, Bushwick Resident

Stick by my community

“All my life I have made a promise to stick by my community and fight the biggest fights. So many times I have joined organizations and programs in my community to find out they’ve had agendas to use the residents as numbers and while they’re screaming Power to the People, they’re selling our neighborhood to the highest bidder under the table. My support for Rick Echevarría is simple. He’s honest and is not under anyone’s thumb. He’s running to make a strong stance against housing corruption in our district and our city and I am proud to support him with hundreds of members of the community who felt cheated. Rick Echevarría is a great choice for change.” — Malcolm Brown-Herrera, Bushwick Resident & Community Leader

Go the extra mile

“As a former student-athlete under Rick’s advisory and coaching, I can personally attest to his willingness and passion for helping others. I truly believe that he goes the extra mile to invest into others through the use of his knowledge and experiences. In my own endeavors, both academically and athletically, I have personally encountered his help as he assisted me in understanding what it takes to be a collegiate student athlete, as well as a virtuous young man. As a fellow resident of Brooklyn, I believe it would serve us well to have a leader like Rick stand for our community in the NYC City Council, as he seeks to take his helping hands to the roots of his upbringing.” — Marcos Castillo, Successful Student Athlete

Committed to social justice

“Rick has shown that he is a tireless advocate for residents of all backgrounds and is committed to social justice in NYC. His willingness to be independent from and not beholden to local city politicians while advocating for his neighbors is a testimony to his principles and his commitment to getting the job done. For this reason, I support Rick for running for City Council. Working at BHIP early in my career had a big impact on me personally. While working under Rick’s guidance at BHIP, I learned about many housing issues facing communities of color in Bushwick. After BHIP, I started a career in city government which included working at the NYC Mayor’s Budget Office, Manhattan DA’s Office and DOI. I’m currently working at Brooklyn Arts Council as a Director of Finance & HR. BHIP helped residents of Bushwick fight housing injustice, but it also served as a launching pad for many young professionals of color like me to have long-term careers in public service. ” — Edgardo Rivera, Public Service Professional