Coronavirus Price Gouging

Bklyner published Rick Echevarría’s editorial on Coronavirus price gouging

Disinfectants have completely disappeared from hundreds of Brooklyn stores.

I want to share with you an editorial, which the Bklyner Web site published today about the Coronavirus cleaning products price gouging exposed by my campaign.

After my campaign began to work with Dollar store (99 cents store) merchants to expose price-gouging by suppliers, the suppliers began to rapidly unload from their warehouses all of the disinfectants that had been subjected to price hikes. They also stopped restocking these disinfectants and began to go into hiding by shutting down their warehouses and shifting to ‘telephone orders’ only.

In my opinion, there is a serious and urgent supply chain problem. It falls to the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs (“DCA”) to fix immediately. Join my in drawing attention to this problem — and its solution — by reading and sharing my editorial.

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